2023 Roadmap Coming Soon
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2022 Roadmap: Successfully Completed

June & July: 
Launched program
& live online workshops 

Completed Phase One:
Partnered with New York Foundation For The Arts (NYFA) to launch a dedicated learning platform for "Demystifying NFTs" featuring both "Learn At Your Own Pace" & live online instruction options. 

August & September:
NFT Award & Community Celebration

August 31st: Applications closed for the NYFA NFT Award (open to all NYC-based artists who have completed both workshops part one and two) 

September 29th: Demystifying NFTs Community Mixer IRL Event & Alumni Discord Group Launch 

October & November:
Fall Season of Live Online Workshops & NFT Production Support for Awarded Artists 

30 NFT Award winners have been awarded,
all of which are mature artists, BIPOC and or/LBGTQ awardees. The Technology Gap team helped produce and exhibit over 30 NFTs. 

 Fall Season of Live Online Workshops
Part One: Fundamentals of NFTs &
Part Two: Learn How To Create
Eco-Responsible NFTs

Success Metrics: Over 1000 people enrolled
in the summer & fall workshops, many of which were
mature artists (over 45 years of age). 

NFT Award Winner Exhibition &
Metaverse Community Programmed Gallery Space Launch

Exhibition of NFT Award Winners At Technology Gap: Bridge ++ Community Center in Voxels metaverse.
Alumni Exhibition area with links to people's private metaverse spaces on voxels. 

Success Metrics: Over 6,000 people visited the Metaverse Exhibition

December 31st, 2022 Year One Program Closed 
2022 "Demystifying NFTs: Learn How to Create Eco-Responsible NFTs"
was presented by New York Foundati
on For The Arts (NYFA) and was made possible by Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Technology Gap is an eco-tech art education initiative created by artist and technologist Laura Ó Reilly.