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We are currently building out a new learning experience for our community.  

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"I was very impressed by the teaching techniques used in this class and the subjects covered. It was very accessible. I'm glad I learned about permaculture of Web 3 and how we as a society can move forward to be more eco-responsible"
-Mary Begley
"I loved the learn-as-you-go workshop and all the additional examples and resources that were provided. I started the workshop knowing only vague concepts of what NFTs are. Now, I have a solid understanding of digital wallets, blockchains, NFTs, and the metaverse."
-Catherine Lewis
"Self-study to learn about NFTs is not easy since so much is written using unfamiliar terms, as if I already know the technology and model.
This session organized and explained it all very well and after just 2 days it seems very clear how NFTs relate to my own work and I have have a few tangible paths to follow to confidently enter the space."

-Kristin Anderson