Part 1: Fundamentals of NFTs

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    5 hours
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    Laura Ó Reilly

Workshop One
Fundamentals of NFTs

In this workshop, you’ll learn what NFTs are by:

Learning 101 Vocabulary 

Clear definitions of NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, Web3, DAO, smart contracts & best practices you need to navigate the space 

Creating A Digital Wallet 

Understanding digital wallets through a step by step tutorial of
how to set one up  (we will provide options for you to choose from) 

Exploring Use Cases

Examples of how artists, performers, writers, and cultural workers can apply blockchain technology to financially support their practice/organization

"Clear, visionary, inspiring, creative.
Great tour into NFTs." 

-Lonna Kelly
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Meet Your Instructor:

Laura Ó Reilly

Artist & Technologist
Founder of Technology Gap 
Laura Ó Reilly is an artist and technologist, focused on creating frameworks for regenerative communities and somatic art experiences. Laura is an alumni of The New Museum’s creative tech incubator, NEW INC, where she built and led Wallplay Network. From 2013-2020, Wallplay grew to repurpose over 30 storefronts, hosted hundreds of art exhibitions, and built a thriving community of creatives who pioneered new formats for digital art and experiential storytelling. Laura’s most recent art project, SUN IN THE MACHINE: Experiments In Embodied Ecology, a six part somatic art film, NFT series, and podcast, will launch this summer. 
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