Part 2: Learn How To Create
Eco-Responsible NFTs

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Light Art Photography by Vicki DaSilva 
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    5 hours
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    Laura Ó Reilly

Digital Conservation Toolkit 
Inspired By 
Regina Harsanyi

Workshop Two
Learn How To Create NFTs

In part two, you’ll build upon what you learned in workshop one to
practice minting NFT's by:

Utilizing Energy Efficient Blockchains

Practicing how to mint an NFT on alternative, proof of stake blockchains

Expanding Your Toolbox

Developing practical tools on how to incorporate NFTs into your studio practice and/or arts organization 

Art Ecosystems

Understanding how the NFT art market functions as an ecosystem for selling, collecting, and virtually showcasing work–including a live tour of the Voxel metaverse!
our community is thriving: 

"This workshop gave me the confidence to explore the creative possibilities of this virtual world responsibly and with intention."

-Alicia Cheatham
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Meet Your Instructor:

Laura Ó Reilly

Artist/Technologist, Founder of Technology Gap
Laura Ó Reilly is an artist and technologist, focused on creating frameworks for regenerative communities and somatic art experiences. Laura is an alumni of The New Museum’s creative tech incubator, NEW INC, where she built and led Wallplay Network. From 2013-2020, Wallplay grew to repurpose over 30 storefronts, hosted hundreds of art exhibitions, and built a thriving community of creatives who pioneered new formats for digital art and experiential storytelling. Laura’s most recent art project, SUN IN THE MACHINE: Experiments In Embodied Ecology, a six part somatic art film, NFT series, and podcast, will launch this summer. 
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Industry Expert Contributor: 

Regina Harsanyi 

Time Based Media Expert & Digital Conservationist
A graduate of New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, she has primarily focused on the topic of time-based media from historical, archival, and technical perspectives, passionate about improving and educating others on best practices for the longevity of variable media. Harsanyi has assisted major time-based media conservation projects for multiple institutions, including the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and Museum of the Moving Image, both independently and in collaboration with Small Data Industries. Harsanyi remains focused on the technical and operational aspects of time-based media artwork, including documentation and preventative conservation, from plastics to software. 
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Researcher, writer, copy editor

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