Technology Gap's alumni discord community will be launching in September. Those who complete both workshops can join the alumni discord group to explore and self-organize events/exhibitions in Technology Gap's metaverse community center: Bridge ++
Meet the community of arts & technology professionals that came together to bring you this program:

Technology Gap 

Ó Reilly

Technology Gap:
Founder, artist & technologist 
Ó Reilly is an alumna of The New Museum’s creative tech incubator, NEW INC, where she built and led Wallplay Network and ON CANAL. Laura has a BA in New Media from SUNY Purchase, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2010.  Ó Reilly’s most recent art project, SUN IN THE MACHINE: Experiments In Embodied Ecology, a six part somatic art film, NFT series, and podcast, launches later this summer.

Gerelizza Angga

Technology Gap:
researcher, tech support
& administrator
Gerelizza Angga is a mechanical engineer and a master student researcher at the University of San Carlos. She has experience working on Matlab programming and simulation. Her master thesis focuses on fuel and combustion engineering. Gerelizza focuses on research and tutorial development for Technology Gap and stays up to date on the latest news needed to keep materials current and on the pulse of what is next. 

Samuel Owolabi

researcher, tech support
& content producer 
Samuel Damfe is an experienced instructional designer gifted at creating an interactive learning experience for both instructors and learners, with a notable capacity for creating engaging learning content targeted toward key demographics. Samuel holds a BTech degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Federal University of Technology Akure. He is specializing in conceptualizing and creating an advanced learning model for all kinds of learners.


researcher, writer
& copy editor
Olga Kostyrko is a creative copywriter, researcher, and editor with experience in working for international start-ups and businesses, as well as for independent publishing art projects. Olga holds an MA degree in Visual Culture from Illinois State University. She is an alumna of Fulbright Scholarship. Her research interests are socially engaged art, dynamics between ethics and aesthetics, and critical pedagogy. 

New York Foundation For The Arts (NYFA)
Contributing Team Members:

Kelly Olshan

Learning Program Officer, Career Advice and Training
The primary liaison between Demystifying NFTs workshops and NYFA Learning, Kelly is a visual artist and arts manager passionate about providing fiscal and professional development resources for creative practitioners. She holds a BFA in painting from UNC Asheville and an MA in Arts Administration from Columbia University.

Ju Hye Kim

Learning Program Associate
Ju Hye Kim is an arts administrator with passions for supporting diverse artists/performers to promote their unique story to connect communities. She is providing administrative support for Demystifying NFTs workshops, helping to make the program more accessible. Ju Hye has a BA in Leadership Studies and Politics, Philosophy, Economics and Law (PPEL) from University of Richmond.

Amy Aronoff

Senior Communications Officer
Amy Aronoff is a NYC-based communications professional with 10+ years of experience leading multi-channel campaigns for arts and education nonprofits. Her team is promoting Demystifying NFTs to digital audiences, helping to increase program visibility and engagement. Amy has a BA degree in Communication Studies from University of Michigan.

Anna Sorokina

Communications/Design Officer 
Anna Sorokina is a visual communications professional and illustrator. She designs print and digital assets for Demystifying NFTs to strengthen program branding and help reach a variety of audiences. Anna has a BA in Journalism and Environmental Studies from Northeastern University.

Content Contributors: 

Regina Harsanyi

time based media specialist & Advisor
Regina Harsanyi is a time-based media expert and digital conservationist. A graduate of New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, Harsanyi has assisted major time-based media conservation projects for multiple institutions, including the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and Museum of the Moving Image, bitforms gallery, and TRANSFER gallery. Harsanyi remains focused on the technical and operational aspects of a time-based media artwork, including documentation and preventative conservation, from plastics to software. She spent her career empowering artists who work with technology as a key aspect of their practice, whether through facilitating exhibitions in alternative spaces or thinking through the preventive conservation needed to enable future engagement. She is dedicated to creating interdisciplinary bridges between academia, museums, collectors, corporations, and artists to better serve the longevity of complex works of art.


curator & tech founder 
Alessandra De Benedetti is a co-founder of the media-IRL platform ‘Wallplay’ and the founder of the ‘Leveler’ community platform. She helped brands, artists and non-profits develop new ideas and bring them to market in front of engaged audiences in vacant retail spaces across New York City. As a brand strategist, Alessandra pitched and closed sponsorships for over 100 artist-led projects, built a creative studio ideating and executing large-scale activations for media and brand clients, and oversaw the creative development of a technology platform connecting artists to brands for collaboration. She is a recipient of the Kate Spade Fellowship Award (2016) for Women in Tech, mentor, and alumna of NEW INC. Currently launching her web3 project - Special Delivery.


media & tech  consultant
Carrie Able is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist, working with XR media, music, painting, cryptocurrency, and poetry.Skilled in XR art (virtual and augmented reality), Fine Art, Music, Art History, Curating and Art Education. Able has made her name as a pioneer in XR Art as a multidisciplinary artist who breaks genres within the field of art. Pioneering new techniques, Able is at the forefront of VR and AR art expanding the uses of this new technology to include all facets of her work in VR sculpture, oil painting, music, and coding, bringing these elements to the fore of the art world.



communications expert
& owner of a&O PR
Creative and strategic leader in marketing, communications, and branding for arts, culture, hospitality, and music sectors. Lainya is a  founder of A&O PR, a marketing and public relations agency based in New York City and Portland,  that specializes in brand launch, business growth, and ongoing awareness campaigns for clients in the arts, culture, social justice, lifestyle, and hospitality sectors. She is passionate about human rights, social and racial justice, DEI comms, and digital transformation for all sectors. Lainya is an expert in big-picture thinking and tactical execution of 360-degree campaigns that drive client revenue and reach.


media & tech  consultant
Wesley Clouden is a mobile content producer and videographer who received a Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Computer Information Sciences and Security from MIT. Clouden is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry advising film studios and celebrities on how to apply technology to their storytelling craft. Clouden builds custom rigs and technology stacks for film projects. Clouden has a passion for supporting emerging talent and is an advisor and mentor for many creatives.